Dreams' Meaning: Exact Proven Scientific Translations

by Christina Sponias - Date: 2007-08-15 - Word Count: 832 Share This!

There are too many dream interpreters and too many methods of dream interpretation, but none of them can assure you that they have really translated the exact meaning of each symbol that appeared in your dreams. They may somehow tell you what the symbol may mean, without explaining to you anything about the way they found their answers and without completely trusting their interpretation. Everyone is confused in this matter…

When I was searching the dream's meaning, I had great difficulty in finding the method that could really help me. I looked for all the existing scientific methods because I understood that each psychologist gives importance to our dreams. The dreams seemed to be an important source of information, but I couldn't translate their language in order to understand their messages.

Many people want to learn the dreams' meaning because they believe that their dreams can make predictions and give them important information about many things they want to learn. When I started to study my dreams I wanted very much to discover this part too. I never looked for popular dream interpretations, because I understood that they were subjective and baseless. Of course, one may find some remarkable translations of the dreams' symbols that really correspond to their real meaning because they are the result of observation of many people.

Let's suppose that some people from a village care about their dreams and that each time that someone in the village sees a certain object in their dream, something terrible happens to the village. Then they relate that object as a sign of bad luck. This way, many popular interpretations are valid. However, we never know if these popular interpretations are really the result of many years of observation and the result of the comparison of many dreams and many similar facts or events, or if they are just someone's opinion.

So, we cannot trust these interpretations, even though some of them can be really helpful, if they are really the result of the observation of many people and the comparison of many dreams and facts related to them, because this is the way that a scientist discovers the symbolic meaning of a dream. This study when done by a scientist is very serious; it's not the result of two or three comparisons. A scientist has to give us explanations. He cannot just say that this thing means that and expect us to accept his statement as if it were undoubtedly true.

Many psychologists and psychiatrists tried to translate the strange language of dreams, but until today, nobody knows for sure who discovered the truth. Some people believe that one of them is right, whereas some follow another one, and some don't give any importance to their dreams. Dream interpretation is not something that we could specifically define and it's not something that people consider important. Most people usually completely despise the dreams they see when they sleep.

So, it is an obscure matter.

I couldn't accept this situation though and I studied the dreams intensely, searching for the correct interpretation until I found it. Τoday we know for sure which is the exact translation of the symbolic language of our dreams, which I have proved like a scientist in my scientific ebook about this subject, continuing the research made by the famed psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung, who really discovered the exact translation for the dreams' symbols!

However, Carl Jung's method is very complicated, and he can scarcely be understood. Besides, he accepts ignorance in the end of his trip inside the human psyche, while I had indications from the unconscious that produces the dreams showing me that I should continue the research beyond the point where Jung accepted ignorance and stopped it.

My discoveries were amazing, so amazing that nobody believed me when I started telling everyone what I found inside the human psychic sphere. That's why I had to write a book, explaining to everyone what exactly is hidden in the human psychic sphere, after explaining them how we can translate the exact symbolic meaning of our dreams.

I greatly simplified Jung's complicated method, discovering for myself many meanings he could not find. Moreover, I realized that our dreams are more than very important, because they can cure us from the craziness we inherit in our psychic sphere. They can show us anything and help us solve any problem!

It's also true that we can predict the future interpreting our dreams, but the visions we see are not about the things we desire to see, they are very serious. We see dreams with visions only when they'll help us understand something very important or when they'll help us avoid a big danger. It's not true that we cannot change our destiny if we can predict that something bad is going to happen to us. If we follow the wise orientation the unconscious gives us in our dreams, we can certainly avoid what is bad and find the path that will lead us to peace and psychic health.

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