Viral Marketing On The Internet

by Ryan Moran - Date: 2007-07-28 - Word Count: 398 Share This!

Many internet marketing gurus will push the idea of "viral marketing" in order to bring traffic and increased sales to your marketing ventures. Viral marketing is simply a form of marketing that
"facilitates and encourages people to pass along a marketing message." In other words, it is establishing a marketing campaign that simply spreads on its own, and the internet has become the perfect venue for marketing campaigns to spread like a virus.

Every time an email is forwarded something, every time someone sends a YouTube video to a friend, and every friend request that is sent on a social network, individuals are participating in the idea of viral marketing. Because the overall success of a viral marketing campaign is determined by the interest of the recipient, any successful venture is built around the hope that those who find it will pass it on to others. If the recipient, reader, or viewer appeals to what is being said in the email, video, or other form of presentation, there is a strong chance of passing it along to others.

This forum of marketing can progress at an incredibly fast rate. As more people forward the information, the message is distributed to more people who then have the opportunity to pass it along to others as well.

Viral marketing, when implemented correctly, can be an excellent way to facilitate the branding of a name or product. In the internet marketing community, providing a good piece of information in the form of an ebook can spread very quickly and earn credibility for the creator. This idea is increased when resell rights are provided for the given ebook.

The most important ingredient to a success viral marketing campaign is to arouse curiosity and/or humor to a piece of information. Curiosity will cause a reader to dig deeper into a topic and be more receptive to the marketing message. Humor and/entertainment help one to establish a good rapport with the reader and, more importantly, causes others to pass the message onto others.

While the concept of viral marketing is nothing new, the internet opens up new opportunities for people to tap into its power. On the internet information highway, quality pieces of information, funny videos, and any thing popular will spread like wildfire. By creating something of value and distributing it correctly, the internet can work in your favor to make your marketing campaigns absolutely viral.

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