Promote A Book - 3 Out Of The Box Tools To Promote Your Book

by Bob Burnham - Date: 2007-08-11 - Word Count: 501 Share This!

Without book promotion, no one will know that you've written a book that can change their lives. Without proper book promotion you won't sell your book. However, sometimes proper book promotion can be well… dull. Here are 3 out of the box tools to promote your book.

# 1 Advanced Email Marketing

Email is by far the fastest way to get the message out that you have written and published a book. Try this email marketing promotion on for size. Send every single person that you know an email announcing your book. Offer them a free report, free book, or some other special bonus for everyone that signs up for your newsletter or purchases your book. Add an extra bonus for every person that is referred by another.

Not comfy with such blatant self promotion? Send an email to every person that you know announcing that your book is being listed on Amazon and simply ask for their help to make it number one by purchasing on a certain day. Offer to return the favor when they publish their book!

# 2 Blog, yes really

Blogging isn't really the out of the box promotional tool that it used to be but it is still an underused tool. Contribute to blogs, chat rooms, and forums that are appropriate venues for your book's topic.

In addition to blogging and participating on other peoples' web sites. Add a blog or forum to your own website. There you can not only promote your products, you can promote your affiliate products, and you can get great ideas about what content is needed by your target market. Want more tools to promote and make money with your book? Visit my blog and learn "How To Write, Publish and Make Money With Your Book."

# 3 Carry your book with you

This seems like a really simple and obvious tip but let me tell you a little story. I was out enjoying nature the other day and came across a person that was enjoying the same area along the river. As it often does when conversing with a stranger, the topic of what I did for a living came up. Too bad I didn't have a copy of my book with me. Funny thing was, he was an author too and he didn't have a copy of his book with him either. Think of what could have happened, had either one of us remembered this basic promotional tip. "Promote yourself"

This is especially important if you are using your book as a business card to promote your service!

Take your imagination to its limit. Promote your book with a crazy eye catching ad in your local paper. Pull a stunt or create a public spectacle to promote your book. Enjoy the process and enjoy the profits. There are of course many tried and true proper methods of promoting a self published book and they certainly have their place among your marketing plans. Among the winners are press releases, ezines and article marketing, websites and much more.

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