Is It As Dangerous To Smoke Cigars?

by Jackie Winn - Date: 2008-07-25 - Word Count: 487 Share This!

In the present day there must be virtually nobody on the planet who can claim that they are unaware of the risks to health attached to smoking cigarettes, but are the same risks to be found with smoking cigars, or are they safer or maybe even a bigger danger to health?

The American National Cancer Institute have said that regular cigar smoking has proved to contribute a considerable danger to human health. Research projects have firmly linked cigar smoking with the types of cancer that attack the lungs, larynx, oral cavity and pharynx. More modern conclusions have suggested that smoking cigars may be also linked to pancreatic cancer. Tobacco users who on a regular basis breathe in smoke from cigars undergo a tremendously multiplied chance of enduring both lung and disease.

The hazards related to an individual's wellbeing have been quantified to increment dramatically in people who smoke who smoke cigars regularly and breathe in the smoke. An individual who smokes merely three or four cigars every day could be raising the danger of being diagnosed with cancer of the oral cavity by 8 times that of a person who does not smoke

Many individuals are curious as to whether smoking cigars is as addictive as smoking a different tobacco product such as cigarettes. For instance an immense number of tobacco users discover themselves hooked on smoking cigarettes yet a much lower percentage of people who smoke, smoke cigars. The truth is, manifestly every tobacco product is going to be habit-forming merely due their nicotine content. Consider for instance the consequences of "smoke-free" tobacco items including snuff and chewing tobacco, these products can quickly get really habit-forming because of the fact they each incorporate nicotine.

The majority of individuals who choose to smoke cigars don't breathe in the smoke as deeply; consequently any nicotine is inhaled into the lungs in lower amounts. A person who smokes cigarettes broadly speaking breath in the smoke more deeply into their lungs allowing for lungs to readily absorb larger amounts of nicotine. Even allowing for the proposition that people who smoke cigars breathe in lower amounts nicotine, it's all the same still quite probable that they'll get addicted to nicotine if they continue regularly smoking cigars on a over a prolonged period of time.

The question is often raised as to why individuals who smoke cigars appear to smoke less often than those who smoke cigarettes? It would appear that people who smoke cigars stave off the addiction process because of several causes. The primary grounds appears to be due to cigar smokers breathing in lower amounts of smoke and nicotine, in addition to this cigars are broadly speaking less obtainable than cigarettes and are looked on a "luxury" or "special occasion" item, associated with rare treats for exceptional events.

Regularly smoking cigars may nevertheless get habit-forming, and fetch with it every associated health risks with those hazards accelerating dramatically as the quantity of cigars smoked increments.

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