English teaching jobs in Japan - what does status of residence means and how you can acquire it?

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If you are looking for English teaching jobs in Japan than before you apply for some job you should have a document called "status of residence". This document actually means that you have passed all requirements needed for working in Japan and you are free to live and work there. Without this document you are not allowed to stay long in Japan and you are also not allowed to look for a job there.

So, if you are interested how to acquire this document THE BEST WAY TO GET MORE INFORMATION IS TO VISIT Japanese GOVERNMENT Portal. There you can find links to the ministry of foreign affairs. On this site you are advised what is expected from every person who wants to work n Japan including and those who are looking for English teaching jobs in Japan.

First of all you should have the certificate of eligibility. This certificate is issued by Japanese ministry of justice. This certificate actually says that you are good citizen and you fulfil all requirements for living in Japan. The certificate of eligibility is usually issued for the period of one year. When a year will passed your certificate is expire and you should apply for new certificate. The certificate of eligibility can be issued for longer period but this case is exclusions.

If you have the certificate of eligibility you can apply for English teaching jobs in Japan. But always have in mind that to start your work there you will need to acquire status of residence. This document is issued by the ministry of foreign affairs and before issuing this document to you they will require from you to have found the place where you will work. So with accepting English teaching job in Japan you will have to acquire certificate of eligibility and also Status of residence. Somewhere in Japan this status of residence is called a Visa.

But the question is: what if I apply for status of residence and get it but I fail to find English teaching job in Japan? In this case maybe the best opportunity for you is take a statistical visa and go in Japan at your own. You should know that you are breaking the laws but you can look for ESL teaching job during your tourist cal vacation in Japan. If you find the job you can apply for the status of residence.

But, in this case there is another trick. You can not claim your status of residence in Japan. So if you are tourist in Japan and have found regular job as a teacher there you should make agreement with your employer to leave the country for a while. You will go in the nearest country where you can obtain status of residence for Japan. This country can be: Hong Kong, Taiwan or South Korea. With this all your problems are solved and now you have a regular legal job as English teacher.

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