Diet for Gestational (Gestional) Diabetes

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When a woman in her pregnant is having high blood sugar (glucose) then she has gestational diabetes. This one often goes away after the baby is born even you might develop diabetes later if you have had diabetes during pregnancy.

In other words, diabetes or diabetes mellitus is when your body does not produce enough insulin or the insulin produced for your body does not work properly and a pregnant woman will tend to have highest blood sugar levels high.

The bottom line is that gestational diabetes may be dangerous for woman and her unborn child. Therefore, it is necessary for unborn baby that all pregnant women with gestational diabetes are controlling their blood sugar frequently.

Gestational diabetes is turning several when pregnancy woman do not care properly, baby could even develop macrosomia, and this one is a disease that affects fetus ending with woman being operating urgently by caesarean.

Women with gestational diabetes should take a healthy diet with the right amount of proteins, fat and carbohydrates - carbohydrates become glucose in their bodies and this one is a important energy source - carbohydrates comes from foods as: breads, pasta, potatoes, rice, fruit, vegetables, sugar and sweets. Thus, you can take control of your blood sugar with the right diet; you may eat three meals and 1 to 3 snacks each day.

Dietitians advise that you eat at the same time - between two or three hours - all days, you should never skip meals or snacks, and only eat the right amount of carbohydrates in order to maintain your blood sugar levels.

You should avoid foods and beverage with added sugar, corn syrup, honey, molasses, jellies, jams and other similar products.

If you are a woman with gestational diabetes, you should go to the dietitian and caregiver, because they will show you the right diet for you and your unborn baby.

Do not forget that once a year you must make sure that your cholesterol and other blood lipids are right.

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