Tips to Find the Best Calling Rates and Buy Calling Cards Online

by Sharon Chen - Date: 2007-01-03 - Word Count: 378 Share This!

These days, long distance charges are very competitive. Every month, we receive many flyers of long distance service and often watch such advertisements on TV. Even home phone and cell phone company can provide their 'cheap' long distance package also. But the latter is more expensive.

There are so many choices for long distance calling. Then, how to compare and find the best rate with good quality? Internet is a good way. Some websites sell many calling cards together and provide price comparison. Why not use their technology to make it simple? Just go to such a calling card online store, like Then begin your price comparing tour.

First, select the country you will call from, and then select the country you will call to. I.e., you will like to call Canada from USA. Then select USA as the 'from' country and Canada as the 'to' country.

Second, click 'search' button. You will see the result page that show all available calling card by price increasing. The top one is the best rate calling card. I.e., the best rate calling from USA to Canada is 0.9 cent/minute. You can change it to call to a cell phone whose rate is different. For special destination city, the rate may be lower. They will indicate you on the top if it is available.

Third, you can compare now. Besides rates, you also need to consider the terms or other charges. Some cards have maintenance fee or connection fee. You had better know it clearly before purchase. Otherwise, you will find minute reducing. Regarding these terms and surcharges, I will introduce them details in the other articles. Please read it later. After comparing, you may have a decision which card is right for you.

Last, buy online. Click the 'buy or refill' button beside the card you want to buy. Then following the instruction to open an account and select the payment method. An instant PIN# will send to your email immediately after your purchasing. If you had purchased a calling card and want to buy the same card again, just refill it.

That is all. You can enjoy your long distance talking now.

Buy calling cards online at Instant PIN# by email. Accept Paypal or credit card. Permanent PIN#, refillable, PIN free and other options.

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Sharon Chen has used many calling cards and called to many countries. She likes to share good tips with others.

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