Why You Should Create A Google Adsense Niche Focused Website

by Adrian Hargray - Date: 2010-08-26 - Word Count: 542 Share This!

To earn a nice income with google adsense, you will want to have a good content-rich website. You don't have to have a website such as Yahoo or MSN, but your website should be large and relevant enough to draw in tons of visitors and that has alot of articles that cater to your niche.

If you had a website around basketball for example, here are some of the possible topics that your website could cover:

- How to get a good handle on the ball
- How to be an excellent 3-point shooter
- How to play good defense
- How to split the double team
- How to average 20 or more points per game
- How to stay in good shape
- How to prepare for the upcoming season
- How to maintain good health
- What to eat to stay in great shape
- How to workout for maximum effectiveness
- Body building tips for basketball players
- And more

If you had a google adsense focused website that was geared around one topic, then you would increase your chances of succeeding with adsense tenfold. When creating your articles, you will want to make them 300-500 words in length long. This is long enough for someone to read in the span of a few minutes.

When you create a niche website such as this, the kind of google adsense ads that will appear on your website will relate to the content that is on it. So if you have a website about basketball, then more than likely the ads that you get will be related to basketball. The more focused your adsense ads are, the higher the chance of someone clicking on an ad that appears relevant to them.

Your main goal here is to put up quality content that will attract tons of readers to your website. When you do that, you will get alot of visitors who will potentially click on your ads. To get traffic to your niche focused website, you have alot of options. Once such option is with video marketing.

With You tube, you can put up a video about a particular topic and drive visitors back to your website. You will want to include your website information at the bottom of your videos so that people know what your website information is. People will view your video, visit your niche-themed site, and will possibly click on your google adsense ads if you have placed them in the right places on your site.

Another way to get traffic with article marketing. With article marketing, you want to write 300-500 word articles that relate to your website. You will want to submit your articles to the top article directories online. Here are a few that I submit to:

- EzineArticles.com
- goarticles.com
- ideamarketers.com
- articlesbase.com
- articledashboard.com

When you submit your articles here, visitors will find your site via the search engines and when website owners publish your articles on their website. This a great way to boost your adsense income and you should start using these traffic strategies today.

Earn money with google adsense is possible and is not a hard thing to do. It will start off slow in the beginning, but once you get started on the right foot, everything will pay off in the long run. Good luck with earning money with adsense.

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