Are You Paralyzed By Fear

by Ronald Finklestein - Date: 2007-04-02 - Word Count: 447 Share This!

Recently I was engaged by a client because he was unable to take action. He had so much going on in his personal life and in his company that he was paralyzed with fear.

In the past, he made some bad decisions and he was afraid that history would repeat itself. We talked about this for several hours and I got a good understanding of his challenges. This person was successful by all standards and he had a successful company. No one could have guessed at his mental turmoil.

He lacked direction and focus and he was emotionally over extended. He lost his reason for starting his own company; he lost his reason for going to work every day.

I gave him a simple assignment. I wanted him to be selfish. I wanted him to figure out what kind of life he wanted and how creating his own business helped him create the life he wanted. I then asked him to make one decision that would move him towards his ideal life. Sometimes being successful requires being selfish.

The next morning I received an email from him and he outlined two decisions he made that required action. It was like a door opened for him. Frankly he just needed permission to be selfish and some support to make a decision. Someone to tell him it was ok to make a mistake in his selfishness. Almost any mistake can be corrected. Inaction can never be corrected except through action.

I told him that when I am in this space, and all of us are there at sometimes in our lives, I imagine that I am in a blizzard. I make one simple decision, take one step. When I take that step there are only two things that happen. The first is that you will hit something solid. When that happens, you can take corrective action and make another decision. The second thing that can happen is that you move through the blizzard, come out of the storm, see bright sun and blue skies. The simple decisions that you made move you through the storm. These simple decisions are what lead you to blue skies and sunshine.

What simple decision can you make to move into the sunshine and blue skies? Make one decision, take one action, and take one step. Do not worry about how things will work out. The purpose is to take small steps, make small decisions. Just know the universe will conspire to help you but the universe requires you to take action.

Every one of needs help: a coach, a friend, or an advisor, someone to listen. Find that person, trust them, and take action. It all begins with one step.

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Ronald Finklestein, AKRIS, LLC, is a business coach, consultant, speaker, author, and trainer, and has published three books. You can contact him at or reach him at (330) 990-0788.

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