Secrets Of List Building

by Loren Woirhaye - Date: 2006-12-05 - Word Count: 527 Share This!

Whatever you choose to call it: MLM, network marketing, affiliate marketing, direct selling, etc., its clear that the business model with which many people are succeeding online today is often a variant of the traditional network marketing model.

Network Marketing has a bad rap in some circles, dredging up memories of being ambushed at a dinner get-together or other distasteful business-building methods. We build network marketing businesses not only by selling products, but by finding like-minded individuals and creating leverage from their efforts.

Creating real success with online network marketing is a matter of becoming proficient at online marketing itself. First we need to learn how to promote online to do the networking. The most essential part of networking is building the network, otherwise called List Building.

The First Principle of Success: Building A Proper List.

Building a list in the proper manner makes all the difference in how inclined the individuals in the list are to do business with you. Here is the good part: it takes more effort to build a list properly. Its no more costly than building it improperly, and it will build a much stronger business in the long-term.

With online marketing the goal is to drive the right kind of traffic to your website. The right kind of traffic is the kind of people you want to populate your List. These people will specifically know who you are, what you stand for, and what income program you are promoting.

Before I get a person in my list, I send them to a page with my picture and information about me on it. This immediately starts to build Trust and Rapport. I have multiple online income streams but I only send people to look at my affiliate websites after the have seen MY website. The reason is this: affiliate sites are all the same. I want my website to be the first thing they see. This is what is called branding and may be compared to the way a baby animal like a bird impresses on the first creature it sees and follows that creature as if that animal is its mother, even though it may not be.

The first impression I seek to create is that I am a regular person who is building a business on my own terms and using the internet to do it. Most of the people who visit my website are interested in doing what I am doing, so if they like the way I go about it, they will be inclined to do business with me at some point.

This is critical to understand. List-Building is a long-term enterprise and for this reason is is crucial that you respect the people in your list and dont promote what I call : Flash-in-the-pan Crap. By educating yourself and only promoting the best programs out there, you won't have a list of people who think you don't have good judgement.

People in your list are looking for a leader and leaders must cultivate good judgement and continually work at improving their skills. By improving your own knowledge and skills you can inform the folks in your list in a way that further builds Trust and Rapport.

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