Effective Tinnitus Cures and Treatments

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Tinnitus is a condition that can easily be mistaken for normal noise because it is a ringing in the patient's ear that is very disturbing. Currently, there may be no definite cure for tinnitus but do not despair because there are some treatments available, which largely depend on the cause of the problem. First, one has to understand that in most cases, the ringing in the ear is as a result of damage to the ear and not a treatable illness. Therefore, the options at hand for this problem are many and we shall have a look at a number of them.

Stress is a key cause of many ailments worldwide, and for tinnitus, stress worsens the situation. Some patients will therefore find that relaxation techniques work well to reduce the effect and keep the symptoms under check. At times, the tinnitus only disturbs the patient at night. In such cases, consider using masking devices, a fan, or playing low, soft music to distract you from the noise.

One can also use antioxidants, for treating idiopathic tinnitus. There are several mineral antioxidants and an example is the tinnitus zinc treatment, which is taken over a period of six months or more. Zinc supplements improve our hearing apart from helping in general development of our bodies. You can also have vitamin antioxidants, with the basic ones being Vitamin C and E.

Reduced intake of caffeine and nicotine is important for tinnitus patients. These two worsen the symptoms of the problem and they should be kept under control. Caffeine products include tea, coffee, colas and so on, while nicotine products include cigarettes, and other tobacco products. Also, avoid anxiety, a lot of salt, aspirin products and try maintaining your blood pressure.

There are also recent developments in treating tinnitus. The nerves can be stimulated electrically by sending a very small amount of electric charge to the auditory nerve. It is one of the latest ways of treating severe tinnitus and we owe it to technology. The other is Tinnitus Retraining Therapy. This involves retraining the ear and the brain using a sound generator and a particular line of counseling.

Hyperbolic oxygen therapy, which is increasing oxygen supply to the ear and brain under more than one atmospheric pressure, also works just as fine. This is used when the cause of the tinnitus is due to lack of enough oxygen to the brain.

There are those people who will find tinnitus treatable by herbal medicines. I cannot commit myself to this theory, but hey, if it works for you, I do not see any harm!

There are other treatments, but it is generally important when suffering from tinnitus to have a thorough physical examination and try to reduce the noise or avoid the factors that worsen the symptoms unless, unless in rare cases it is due to a medical problem like tumor. But if you understand the causes of tinnitus, then most professionals' advice would be, 'prevention is better than cure.

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