You Can Prevent Cavities

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Cavities are also known as tooth decay. The next question comes up is how these cavities occur? In order to understand this we have to understand plaque. Plaque is a sticky substance that is formed from the food residue and bacteria. This plaque when combines with sugar, results in the formation of acid that directly attacks the teeth and cause cavities.

These cavities bear a negative impact on health, as individuals suffering from cavities cannot eat properly, which results in a steep health decline and increased weight loss. It is of utmost importance that this problem be addressed as soon as possible. Cavities can be prevented by following some simple and easy steps. It is not only adults who are affected by cavities but a large number of kids, who mostly eat sugary foods, suffer from cavities.

The different measures that can help prevent cavities are as follows:

Brushing religiously everyday can help prevent formation of plaque on your teeth. Since plaque would not be combining with sugar, there would simply be no cavities. It is important that you brush your teeth three to four times a day for at least 3 minutes each. According to the stats collected, it is found that people mostly brush their teeth for about 45 seconds or less at max. So thus far we have learnt that it is important to brush religiously 3-4 times a day, 3 minutes each.

Teaching children about healthy eating habits is the best education that we can give them. If we teach them to not eat sugary foods or eat them in a controlled amount, this can prevent a lot of children from developing cavities. The right food choices for children are going to help them adopt a better and a healthy lifestyle throughout their life.

There are times while eating; the food gets stuck in between the teeth. If you are not able to pull out the food residue out from your teeth, then there is a chance that it is going to cause cavities. Since the residual food is present between two adjacent teeth, this results in an increased chance that these two teeth are affected by plaque and in turn causes cavities in both. Therefore it is important that you floss daily to pull out any food debris caught between the teeth.

Biting teeth surfaces can be protected by applying dental sealants. These sealants serve as a protective coating and shield against formation of plaque. The use of sealants is most commonly done in children. The adults on the other hand can also attain protection from this process.

Since plaque is being mentioned as the most common culprit leading to the development of cavities, another protection that can be mentioned here is the use of mouth rinse. A lot of different brands are present in the market and almost all provide the best teeth protection against plaque and bacteria.

Those individuals who suffer from dry mouth can chew on sugarless gums for the production of saliva, which is going to help prevent the formation of plaque. Here we have discussed different ways, which can help prevent formation of cavities and believe that they are going to help you in your fight against cavities.

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