Horse Racing Tips from Old to New Way

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People have been getting horse racing tips or information from various sources such as newspapers, booklets, and internet since the time horse betting has started. Some even pay for it just to be on the track of the race.

During the pre-internet and mobile days, some booklets like Fineform were heavily advertised in the racing newspapers. The system that it promoted was simple to use and bets could be found quickly.

Frequently, wagers used to merge selections in multiple bets, using a low stake possible high return strategy based on the tips for horse racing that they got. Primarily it is likely that they would lose a little money. Seldom all selections would win, equal to of a weeks wages that day. In those days UK betting tax was 9-10% off course or in a bookmaker, and zero on course or at the racetrack. The idea was to encourage people to go horse racing. The legendary qualified gamblers were happy if they got 10% of their investment. For example, staking £50,000 and getting a return of £55,000 in a year or a £5,000 profit made them bet solely at the track.

As it progressed, some punters started realizing that there was a scope to earn some money by subscribing for a tipster for the tips for horse racing. But it was extremely difficult to do so, for one had to find a public phone box and ring the special phone number to see if there were any selections. Primarily this consisted of listening to the tipster ramble on about a great horse racing tip that was following. For safety reasons, colors were used in place of horse's name. Examining this against the race cards that they provided would disclose the selection. Generally they lost plenty of stake money as well as paying some pounds for the horse racing tips. Some tried a few other horse racing tipsters, ranging from "weekend information" to telephone tipsters who advertised on teletext.

There are tipsters out there who are worth registering to, but some of them promote fantastic results only to find out that we are disillusioned.

One time I had a friend who was also a horse racing fan like me. We clubbed together subscribed to a £149.99 per month tipster to get these horse racing tips again. We did take a three hour trip to the race track one day, to back a particular horse that the horse racing tipster owned. The horse had run earlier in the week, but the tipster had issued instructions not to back it till just before "the off". Several people ignored his tip on that horse racing, and lumped on at the tasty 20/1 on offer. Soon the odds tumbled, all the way down to 3/1. As the race started, it looked to me as if the jockey was attempting to hold the horse back; in any case it was unplaced.

On the phone in, he told us that it had not won because his horse racing tips had been ignored, but that it would run its true race in a few days time. So we went to the track to try and get the best odds available. To our dismay, instead of the 20/1 we assumed, the horse opened at 15/8. We placed our bets and settled back to watch the race. The horse came last. We cancelled our subscription.

Back in the days I have won over £4,000 in a weekend from one specific horse racing tipster selections. In the long run though, he was not profitable. So I looked and yet searching for another horse racing tipster that would supply me the horse racing tips at least on the level of the Sure2Profit ones. Lately I only use the horse racing tips I exchange with the members on the website and we are all very quite happy with the outcome!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: John Anthony's horse racing tips have helped over 1,288 people worldwide to this date making a killer living betting on horses. He is the Director of, the website where he provides a wealth of informative free articles and resources on the subject.

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