Voip Pbx Phone Systems - Unify Multiple Locations

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VoIP PBX phone systems are helpful telecommunication solutions for businesses with offices in several locations. The phone systems help you unify your offices in multiple locations through a single telephone network as they support both local and remote extensions. Their advanced features and functionalities make business communication smoother and easier.

Connect Easily to Your Branch Offices

The VoIP PBX phone system offers you the flexibility to manage your business activities from anywhere. There is no need to worry that you will miss out on important business calls when you are away from your office. The VoIP PBX system comes with an advanced 'find me follow me' call forwarding facility to divert unattended calls to designated cell or other personal phone numbers.

Unique Conferencing and Follow-me Features

Modern VoIP PBX systems come with advanced conferencing and follow-me features. The conferencing options enables your office allows to create public and private discussion rooms. You can also make multi-party calls, record calls and manage your business using your phone system. The follow-me feature ensures that you receive calls at multiple numbers such as home, business, and cell phones. When a call comes in to a number with a follow-me functionality, the PBX system ensures that it rings all numbers from a preset list until the call is answered or transferred to voicemail.

With a conventional PBX system, you need to deploy different physical lines to add multiple extensions within your office or offices at multiple locations. VoIP PBX phones help you to avoid all such hassles. The phone systems make it simple to connect all your offices and employees. It uses the Internet to connect calls between local and remote extensions and enables companies to spread out their organizational structures. The advantage is that all these facilities come at no extra cost.

VoIP PBX Phone Systems - Manage Your Business Calls Efficiently

Apart from unifying all communications through a single telephone network, the hosted VoIP PBX systems come with several useful communication features like auto attendant, voice mail, fax mail music-on-hold, and more. If you want to set up a VoIP PBX phone system in your small office, approach a reliable service provider offering a fully-featured PBX VoIP phone system at affordable cost.

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