New Year's Resolution: 5 Secrets for Success

by Karla Ruzycki-Davis - Date: 2007-01-01 - Word Count: 912 Share This!

When the stroke of midnight hits and it is time to live out that Resolution, follow these 5 secrets to achieve your most success yet!:

1.Know your "WHY"-What is a "why" you ask? It is the reason why you decided to make your resolution or goal in the first place. Perhaps it is a health goal that will allow you to be more active with your kids and live longer. Maybe it is financial and you are ready to finally get peace of mind and reduce stress. Whatever the reason you are going after your goal, make sure you write down your why and put it somewhere that you will see it every day. I guarantee if you are making a change to appease someone else, it won't work because your why becomes all about another person. Be very clear on why you are making your sacrifice and visualize what your success will look like. If you want, clip pictures of what you will be like, look like or feel like when you reach your desired goal to keep your eye on the prize

2.Be Realistic- Too many people fail because they create such an unrealistic expectation that they realize soon after that they took on more than they could handle. If you are trying to achieve a goal to quit smoking, lose weight or spend more time with family make sure it is reasonable. Losing 50lbs in 6 months would be a stretch for most. Why not commit to losing 1 pound per week? If you desire to spend more time with family why not look at your schedule and plan one evening or afternoon that you can spend with them and give them your full attention and love. You will see far more success when you stop expecting it to happen instantaneously and let the course of transition take its place naturally.

3.Keep track of your Progress-It is hard to know where you are at if you don't know where you were or where you want to go. In other wards, write down where you are currently at today, maybe it is the amount of money you spend monthly, your current weight and measurements with a photo or taking a picture of the most unorganized room in your home. Once you can visually see in a picture or on paper where you are, next you will want to ensure you have your realistic goal set. Track daily or weekly your progress on your computer, camera, a calendar or in a notebook. Perhaps if you are trying to quit smoking, get out a calendar and for each day list the number of cigarettes you smoked, if it was zero give yourself a big happy face or a "you did it!" sticker to encourage yourself to do more of the same. Whichever your method keep track of where you are at. You are more likely to stick with a program if you are actually seeing the fruit of you labor.

4.Find a Support Group or Buddy-There is something to be said about accountability. Just knowing that you have someone to share with and also answer to, is invaluable. It keeps us on track and focused on our goals. Before I got married, one of my best friend's was my financial accountability partner. This was to force me to harness my spending and not let it get out of hand and incur mounds of debt while I was trying to actually eliminate debt. I also used to have a gym partner to keep me on track. I knew I had to show up every morning because I would leave her hanging and would have to explain later. Life can get tough sometimes and even the fittest, finest and healthiest individuals have gone through frustration, disappointment and mini setbacks to get to where they are today. The difference is you need to get with a good buddy who doesn't tear you down or nag you but rather inspires you to get back on the horse and be your best because they know the goals you have for yourself.

5. Reward Yourself! For all the hard time and effort you are putting forth into your new resolution, you need to reward yourself. As a Personal Trainer I would follow a dedicated weigh training and cardio program as well as a strict diet for 6 of the week. To reward myself I would take day 7 to do whatever I wanted, which for me was no gym workouts and just lounging around and eat what I craved during the week even if it was ice cream, chips and a hamburger. The next day I'd get right back at it again. I knew that for every six days of hard work came a fun and relaxing reward. Maybe for you, you are controlling your spending but one day per week you can spend $25 on what you like frivolously like a dinner out with friends or a manicure. Whatever you do, don't camp out there though. Once the reward day is over, it is time to get back to work.

**Remember to enjoy the process as much as the result you are seeking to achieve. Most people are thrilled to see even the smallest improvement. It gives us hope that we can achieve our goal if we commit and believe in ourselves. Love yourself and even if you fall down, don't stay down-get back up and conquer! I know you can do it!**

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Karla Davis is a Certified Personal Trainer who has spent over 4 years focusing on Nutrition and Health, and managed a Nutrition store. She also specializes in organizing homes and office spaces as a Professional Organizer and is also a Public Speaker. Karla has over 10 years of experience and success within inside/outside Sales and Marketing, and is the wife of Author, Paul Davis. Karla too is now writing her own books as her life mission is to positively transform the homes and lives of everyone she meets.

Please contact Karla for your Professional Organizing, Interior Decorating, or Nutritional needs at:

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