Invest in Your Executives!

by Andrew Carter - Date: 2007-01-25 - Word Count: 312 Share This!

In our increasingly global economy, English is rapidly becoming the international language of business. This is obviously a reflection not only of historical circumstances, but also of the strength of the US economy: global players are only really global if they have a slice of the American pie. There are a lot of executives working in global teams who struggle with English, and the wise boss will try hard to put this right. Either you hire only those who have good English in the first place (which is clearly not a good idea if the need for English is not a key part of their job description), or you invest in training.

Such investment might be difficult for the accountants to justify, but top results are clearly worth it: an officer of your company who can communicate competently, confidently on the International stage is worth their weight in contracts.

So invest in quality training! One-to-one is far and away the best option, as the teacher and student can work closely, following a course designed for that individual. A native speaker is also key to good pronunciation and a clear understanding of the subtleties of the language. The trouble is, such training isn't cheap!

The rewards, however, are difficult to quantify (hence the accountant's problem!), though with quality training the results should be self-evident, so not too many companies are prepared to invest in their staff.

But, invest in your key staff - afford an intensive course to bring out the talent that is already there. Find a good teacher either at home or abroad, and allow your employee to escape from desk, e-mails and meetings for a designated period of time to talk without distraction to a good teacher about whatever they want to talk about - in English. The returning exec should have had an excellent time, and be able to enthuse about his course IN ENGLISH!

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Andrew is a qualified TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher, with 15 years experience of the global Automotive Industry as a Sales manager with an International component and systems supplier.

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