The Best Training to Jump Higher

by Jason Oh - Date: 2008-09-10 - Word Count: 259 Share This!

Need the best training to jump higher? Firstly, you may have to look at your own conditioning - your upper and lower muscle strength. Getting some strength into your core can really help you to jump higher. In other words you need to get in shape.

And the first place to start is to try if you can manage your body weight like squats, single leg squats and other total body workouts like the spider-man pushups, the side plank can develop your overall strength.

Then follow it up with weight by getting into dead-lifts, bench press, squats and if you like, leg specific exercises.

Although you may asking why you need to work on your upper body strength - why not! Not only will you look better and more importantly proportioned - Total body training is great for the entire core. A strong core means a stronger body. Just look at the NBA players, not only are their bodies proportioned, they're physically strong - and they can really DUNK.

Need more evidence? Look at the Aussie Rules Footballers - now this is the real football - the players again are physically toned, fast and have high vertical leaps to grab a 'mark' or 'tap' the ball to their team mates.

Training to jump higher goes hand in hand with strength training - look at developing your overall strength, by getting into power games like sprinting, hill sprints to get more fast twitching muscles into your legs. This will add power.

And to compliment your training to jump higher, consider Plyometrics like depth jump, rim jump, jump squats to increase your vertical jump!

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