How to Make Products... Fast!

by James Malinchak - Date: 2008-11-11 - Word Count: 456 Share This!

If you are a speaker who wants to add credibility to yourself and your presentations, and garner new business, you have to create a product people will buy. Whether you have someone create the product for you or you create your own product, you still need one to present to your audience.

The best way to go about creating a product is to create a transcript of a speech you created. You can include the transcript along with the video in the same package. This way people can watch the video or read the transcript. Sometimes when making a product you could bring other speakers together and create an album of several speakers. This way all speakers can benefit from the product. 

When you are creating info products, you have to know your audience, but the primary concern is to make it simple.

The best way to learn how to make products people will find interesting is to record your information on video or audio. This way people can have the choice to see the product, or hear it, particularly if the product was a speech.  So, with some simple, inexpensive recording equipment, you can create info product people will be glad to get at your event. Of all the products that are more useful and more predominantly made are books, since they are chopped full of vital information. So if you have some idea about a book you think will sell well, you need to create the product.

If you are going to create a copy of your speech, and put it on CD for others to obtain, you will have a chance at giving people g something that will be appealing to the people, since they can hear what they may have missed. or can hear your speech again, in case they missed something the first time. However, if you create any other kind of product, as long as it is appealing to your attendees, you'll have no problem in promoting and unloading the book. 

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