Making Mission Boards With Movie Maker

by Daniel Massicotte - Date: 2008-11-06 - Word Count: 388 Share This!

Here's a mini-tutorial of how you can set up your own movie that sends you a powerful sound + visual message of what you want. These projects take a few hours to create properly. However when they are done you can watch them every morning for 1-2 minutes. They will keep your goals fresh in your mind. I would even encourage you to throw in some "uplifting" music in your movie so you have a positive song in your head as you go about your day.

You will need:

-    Pictures of what you want to attain. If you want a 3.5 million dollar home, find a picture that resembles your dream house as much as possible. If you are looking for a partner, then find pictures that trigger powerful feelings and emotions of love when you see them (so what you can be in that state throughout your day and attract others who are looking for it).

-    Windows Movie-Maker, Cyberlink Power Director 7 or Camtasia. Any program that lets you hash up music and pictures to make a movie or slide show. Movie-Maker is very easy to use. If you have any problems at all, simply do a keyword-search on YouTube and you will find all the help you need.

-    Imagination and Inspiration!

What you are doing here is you are creating a slide show with the appropriate music so that when you watch this 2-minute movie you will remind yourself of your goals.

This is what Claude Bristol refers to as: "Suggestion is Power." In his book The Magic of Believing he encourages individuals to write their goals on a small cue-card or business card and keep it in front of them at all times.

Rhonda Byrne's The Secret encourages people who have very specific goals to keep them in front of their eyes throughout the day. In this documentary about the Law of Attraction, John Assaraf talks about Vision Boards. Much like the movie explained above, a Vision Board is a cork-board with all kinds of pictures tacked to it that represent what you want and the accomplishments you want to see fulfilled in your life by you.

Don't limit yourself with what you think is impossible to attain. If you are constantly in a state of elation because you are working at what you love; great opportunities will find you.

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