How To Do Market And Keyword Research

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Did you know that those who build search engine optimized websites generally all fail before their website is even online?

It's a sad but true fact and the main reason for this is due to their poor market research and keyword research. Before you even consider building a website you must check out whether or not the market your entering is one that you can succeed in.

To be successful you need to find a makert that you can compete in. Building a site on health and fitness will never be successful. However in saying that you can dig deeper into that market to discover niches that you stand a chance of competiting in.

In this example we will use remote control (rc) toys as our market. Our common knowledge tells us there are many diffferent types of rc toys available so we decide that the best plan of action is to build several different sites on each type of rc toy.

* Site 1: rc cars - 1,109 visitors per day
* Site 2: rc helicopters - 663 visitors per day
* Site 3: rc airplanes - 451 visitors per day
* Site 4: rc tanks - 157 visitors per day
* Site 5: rc boats - 323 visitors per day

(Many of the above terms have a lower level niche. For example you could have gas powered rc cars. To keep it more simple I will only focus on the top level niche)

The visitor count for each of the above terms is pretty high. The fact is if I built my websites on those terms it would be very hard to compete. This is were the keyword research comes in.

There are a number of ways I can go about this but on this occassion the best option may be to try and compete for the specfic models of each of those rc toys.

The benefits to this are huge. If I choose to compete for each model not only will it create a more specific search which I stand a much higher chance of ranking highly for, I can also offer product links to those models. (Through my affiliate link of course)

90% of people in the website building game are always chasing the higher searched for more competitive keyword terms.

Im more than happy to take the less searched for keyword terms. The less competition the easier it is to get visitors to my website.

Where do I find the various rc car models? Pretty simple...I visit and type in rc car models or rc car model list. I then visit each site making note of the various different types of models.

In this example we'll take the RC10GT2 RS RTR W/ Radio. That means absolutly nothing to me but I can guarantte that if a rc car enthusiast came to my website he would know exactly what it is.

On the keyword research tool I place the term: RC10GT2

* rc10gt2 - 34 visitors a day
* setup sheets for rc10gt2 - 5 visitors a day

Pretty interesting results. Thats only for one rc car model. In google there are less than 13,500 competiting websites for that term. Most of those sites wouldnt even be optimized or have any external linking campaigns done for them.

Could I rank highly for that term? I would say most definitly yes.

Imagine if I have 40 different rc model kewyord pages each getting about 20 visitors a day.

That will be over 800 visitors.

Now back to the start.

Site 1: rc cars - 1,109 visitors per day

That term I will never rank high for.

But by doing a little research I could find the keyword terms that will nearly provide me with those numbers of visitors. The only difference is that I can compete for those specific terms. Not only that, I can offer products on my site for each of those models. Thanks to how specfic my keyword research has been the chances of converting those visitors into cash is much higher.

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