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Buying Ipod is just like buying a piece of enjoy-ment. The first criteria is to buy something you will enjoy. And full enjoyment of your new iPod means considering your music, your lifestyle and, of course, your budget.

• iPod Shuffle

• iPod Nano

• which iPod is Right for you?

should purchase a traditional Ipod. Available in 30gb and 60gb sizes, the Ipod will hold 15,000 or 30,000 songs respectively. If you don't have enough songs to fill your iPod why not download some videos instead? Ipods now all support video, so you can download your favorite television show or music video and take it with you on the road. The battery on the Ipod will last up to 20 hours before giving out making it a great music and video player for long trips.

iPod Shuffle

The Ipod shuffle is perfect for people who don't want to carry around their entire music collection with then, but want something light and easy for working out and going out on the two. The ipod shuffle is about the size of a pack of gum, and comes with a lanyard so you can wear it around your neck and go hands free. The shuffle comes in two sizes 512mb and 1g, the 512mb ipods shuffle will hold 120 songs and the 1gb model will hold around 240.

iPod Nano

If you want to keep it small, but also want to see your play list then an iPod Nano may be the right ipod for you. iPod Nanos are slightly larger in size than the shuffle but have their own color display where you can easily navigate through songs and play lists as well as view your pictures. Ipod nanos come in 1gb, 2 GB and 4gb sizes. The 1gb model will hold the same as a 1gb shuffle (240 songs) the 4gb version however will hold close to 1000. A new feature of the Nano is their integration with Nike. You can now use you Nano like a pedometer and track your workout as well as listen to some great tunes while you run.

Which iPod is Right for You?

iPod fever catches a new wave of consumers every day. Coupled with the unrelenting success of Apple's music download program iTunes, the iPod has become an unstoppable force in the world of mp3 and portable audio players.

Since its introduction into the world, other companies have risen to the challenge of besting the iPod, but have thus far been unable to attain the recognizable status and fame that surrounds the iPod like a magical aura, capturing the interest of all who fall within the mystical glow.

Apple now offers three different versions of its iPod, which has come quite a long way since its original 5GB model.

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