Nigerian Scams-they're Still Around

by V Scanlon - Date: 2008-09-14 - Word Count: 306 Share This!

It's not easy to make money on the Internet. And that is what some - not to honorable people- try to take advantage of. Let's take a look at the new Nigerian Scam that is floating about.

This year's Nigerian Scam is a new take on the email Nigerian Scam with a twist. This is how the scam goes down.

First, the scammers approach site owners with an offer to buy text or display advertising on their blog or website. Yeah, that's the first grabber for a webmaster of blog owner. The second grabber is, the amount they want to pay. You got it, it's higher than usual. Being a webmaster or blog owner wanting to make money from their site, might bite, right? So let's say you're a webmaster, and you said, "sure let's do it". What will they do next.

Second step, the scammer will send you a (bad) check as payment (unbeknown to you). The check amount, however, will be higher than what was agreed upon. They will then state, "Gee, I'm sorry. I overpaid you. Could you please give me a refund of the overpayment." The site owner, thinking this was a legitimate mistake, pays the over payment to the scammer. The scammer makes the profit and the site owner is out the money.

To prevent this from happening to you be sure and do the following:

1. Check to see if they have a blog or website
2. Has the website been on the Internet long. 6 months minimum-Google has vetted them, so to speak.
3. Wait til the check clears before sending them the refund
4. Request that they pay through paypal- this in itself may kill the scam immediately

On the Internet, never throw caution to the wind, or assume that all have a sense of integrity. Be aware-and if it seems to good to be true-it probably is!

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