Time To Control Your Life With Indian Astrology

by Acharya Vinod Sharma - Date: 2010-09-07 - Word Count: 374 Share This!

Are things not happening as per your desires? Are you getting problems in love life? Are you being frustrated by the stagnancy in your career? Do you fall short of money every time? If the answers to these questions are "yes" then perhaps you need some divine intervention or the remedies by astrologers in India.

According to the Indian Vedic astrology,the happenings of our life are controlled by the planetary positions. Unfavorable positions signify misfortunes while favorable ones provide happiness, success and obviously the peace of mind. So what are these planetary motions and how different people have unique planetary position on a specific time. The answer to these questions lies in our previous birth, as according to the Indian astrologers.

The planetary position during the birth is decided by our doings in our past life. The good deeds yield favorable positions while the bad ones result in unfavorable positions. Preparing the horoscope involves the knowledge of the exact positions of planets at that time and the astrologers generally predict the happenings in your life on the basis of the horoscope.

Well, an obvious question that might arise is-"Is there any remedy if the horoscope is adverse"? Indian astrology not only predicts the happenings in life but it also provides you with remedial measures for any untoward incidents. In addition to averting the miseries, there are lots of ways in which you can gain the desired things in life.

There are four ways through which you can actually control the planetary movements of your life. These include donations, wearing suitable gems, chanting religious prayers and performing religious rituals. Each of these has its significant effects and an appropriate remedy depends on the exact measure. Detailed information about the effects of each of these four measures will be provided in the next article.

There is no doubt that nothing can beat our sincere efforts as it holds prime importance in everybody's life. But there are things beyond our control and the sole purpose of astrology is to help you achieve things proportionate to your efforts and sometime even exceed them.

Indian astrology has been helping people with accurate predictions and the suitable remedial measures. There are several ways through which you can benefit from the advice and suggestions by renowned astrologers.

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