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When shopping for coveralls, the fabric is just one of the considerations that are taken into account. While the fabric can provide durability and comfort, it does not answer the concerns of fit, style, and features that are important for someone that will be wearing this garment for eight hours a day. Since everyone has different requirements for features, cost, and color, we have provided a wide selection of comparable coveralls. All of the featured manufacturers offer coveralls made from 100% cotton and poly/cotton blend fabrics. To help you decide which set of coveralls is right for your needs, we have included a brief comparison of the features available from each manufacturer.

Each manufacturer's model is available in both 100% cotton and a 65/35 poly/cotton blend from Red Kap and Berne and a 55/45 poly/cotton blend from Walls. Walls Industries offers triple-stitching throughout the garment for added durability. Both Red Kap and Berne offer a four-needle stitch in the waistband area that joins the top and bottom of the garment. As anyone who has worn coveralls for an extended period of time will know, tears to the waistband area can render a set of coveralls completely useless. The Red Kap coveralls are equipped with an "action back" that allows for a greater range of motion while maintaining a closer fit that is essential when a danger of snags exists. The Walls Industries models also include an elastic waistband to minimize the danger of snags. Red Kap's action back coveralls also include side vents that allow for cooler wearing in hot conditions.

All of the models include side-entry, chest, and back pockets, but the coveralls from Walls Industries feature zippered enclosures for the chest and back pockets. Walls and Berne coveralls come with ruler pockets and Walls includes a pen pocket on the arm of the poly/cotton blended coveralls. All coveralls come with a zippered front and a snap fly over it and the 100% cotton Red Kap coveralls are available with either a zippered or a button front.

All styles of coveralls are available in a variety of colors, some of which vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The Red Kap blend coveralls come in black, white, charcoal, dark green, orange, white, and three shades of blue. The Red Kap cotton coveralls are available in a gray herringbone, white, orange, and two shades of blue. Berne's blended coveralls come in white, navy blue, and red and their cotton selections consist of gray, dark green, and two shades of blue. The Walls Industries coveralls are available in dark blue or red poly/cotton and gray herringbone, gray, dark blue, orange, and red in 100% cotton.

We understand that a set of coveralls is not just a set of coveralls. It is a garment that needs to provide protection and be comfortable enough for extended periods of wear. By offering the selection from three manufacturers, it is our hope that you can find everything to suit your fabric, color, and style needs here.

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