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by SUSAN SLOBAC - Date: 2010-08-23 - Word Count: 470 Share This!

You have finished your most recent piece of fine artwork, and now it is time to find the perfect picture frame for it. Although you could go with an ordinary picture frame, why not try a new look offered by the popular canvas floater frame? A floater frame gives the appearance that your artwork is floating within the frame, and the great news is that none of the edges of your artwork are visually obscured by the edge of the floater frame, a typical problem faced when you use traditional picture frames.

A floater picture frame derives its name from the floating appearance of your artwork once mounted inside the frame. Your artwork will first need to be prepared as a gallery wrap prior to framing it in a canvas floater frame. In order to do that, you will need some stretcher bar frames. The best come preassembled and squared for your ease of use, a distinct advantage for anyone who has ever gone through the hassle of trying to put them together themselves. You basically take your canvas, lay it on top of the stretcher bar frame, and then begin carefully attaching the canvas to the stretcher bars, attaching it on the back where it does not show. It is best to alternate sides when attaching canvas to frame, rather than attaching an entire side at a time, because the final result will be smoother and properly centered on the stretcher bar frame. The end result will be a smooth and taut canvas on the stretcher bars, which is then ready for a floater frame.

Floater frames come in a wide variety of sizes. You will find floater frames that are available in a petite four by six-inch size and ranging all the way up to floater frames designed for large pieces of artwork measuring twenty-eight by forty inches. You can also find a floater picture frame in several different profiles, ranging from two and five-sixteenths inches, to two and five-eighths inches as well as two and one-eighth inches tall. Additional variations in rabbet and face width dimensions mean that you should be able to find a frame that will work, but if not, custom sizes are available.

You can also choose from several lovely finish colors for your floater frame. Check that hand finishes are available, because they provide the finest appearance for any floater frame you are considering. Canvas floater frames come in traditional black, but colors such as silver and warm silver, gold and bronze gold, as well as espresso are available.

To learn more about sizes, colors and prices of canvas floater frames, please visit an online fine art photography frame seller for further information.

Susan Slobac is a consultant in the frame industry. Susan writes about trends in floater frame & canvas floater frames.

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