Prepare To Be Surprised - 5 Unique Acne Treatments For You

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You must have heard about acne treatments in the form of topical creams, gels and liquids. But there are other treatments available for acne, some of which are unique in their own right. They might also surprise you because these treatments are something you would least expect to use to effectively get rid of acne.


The name sounds fairly complex and many people have this belief that this is a very intensive treatment for something as common place as acne. But, it's not an intensive as it sounds. It involves a process wherein the outermost layers of your skin are sandblasted away. A small device is used for the bombarding of your facial skin with tiny aluminum oxide particles. At the same time, this device also removes (by sucking) these crystalline particles from your face. It's a pain free process and is very quick. This procedure stimulates the production of new skin and also leaves skin smoother by getting rid of the acne scars and scabs.

Heat therapy

Heat is also used by dermatologists to get rid of acne. In this case, the use of heat is combined with the use of pulsed light to get rid of bacteria that are responsible for your acne. They also cut down the size of sebaceous glands that cause acne when clogged. These glands get clogged up with their own oil and a reduction in size results in their producing less oil. This is a very successful treatment option for acne and there are devices available that will help you perform this procedure in the comforts of your home.

Laser therapy

Yes, even laser therapy is used for the treatment of acne. It's a commonly used option and getting quite popular because it offers a permanent answer for your problem. Experts also use laser therapy for getting rid of the scabs and the scars that have been formed by acne. Various types of lasers are used, depending on the extent of your problem namely blue light therapy, diode laser therapy and also high intensity laser therapy. Blue light therapy is used when P.acnes need to be removed, while diode lasers are used for the removal of irritating sebaceous glands and high intensity treatment is used when a layer of skin needs to be removed.

Homemade remedies

You wouldn't want to believe it, but there are certain homemade topical remedies that are very effective against acne. If you choose to use some of them, there is chance that they might or might not work. Toothpaste is one of the options used to treat acne. There are some people who swear by this remedy. Raw egg whites are yet another unique homemade remedy used to get rid of acne. The thinking behind this remedy is that raw egg whites dry your face and acne with it. Again, you try this concoction at your own risk. Some people think applying garlic paste on your skin can help prevent a new breakout of acne. It might and then again it might not work.

Homemade remedies are a bit 'iffy' in nature and you will only come to know whether a remedy works or not, if your try it out yourself.

Salt therapy

Don't do a double flip. Cell salt therapy is a wholly unique treatment option and revolves around the concept that acne is caused because of the deficiency of calcium sulfate. So, according to this therapy all you need to do is take pills containing calcium sulfate. In a short span of time, your acne will disappear and there is a good chance that it might never occur again. You might think this therapy is really quite funny but there are people who have seen results with this treatment option.

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