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If you can't hit the hills yourself and enjoy the thrill and challenge of snowboarding the next best thing just might be playing a snowboarding video game. There are a wide variety of games currently available that are designed to suit the tastes of even the most discriminating snowboarders.

Very Popular

One of the most popular snowboarding video games currently on the market is the TransWorld Snowboarding game. One of the main reasons this game is so popular is the impressive visual portrayals. A trick system that is quite easy to get into along with a variety of different goals that can be accomplished on the game make it very challenging. The game also features 10 professional riders along with 16 environments and a multiplayer split screen support. There are numerous options players can choose from as well as extras that are just waiting to be unlocked, which can extend the game's value.

Choose your own environment

After you select an environment you will be immediately presented with a list of objectives. These can range from executing a certain trick to winning a race. As you progress through the game the level of difficulty naturally increases as well.

With the split screen multiplayer mode you gain the ability to compete against up to three other players in numerous different types of events. Participants can also choose to take turns performing tricks on different portions of the course. At the end of the competition the player with the most points wins.

The straightforward trick system of the game ensures that completion of the objectives isn't too frustrating. By pressing the analog stick in different directions you can trigger different events. You can also press the left analog stick in a variety of directions to spin or perform flips along with the tricks. It is also possible to combine tricks by using the shoulder buttons. These buttons trigger a revert.

Very Detailed

When it comes to visuals the TransWorld Snowboarding video game is easily one of the most detailed games on the market. The snow appears very realistic while the various environments are clearly outfitted with forest creatures, trees and buildings. There are also city courses that feature vehicles as well. Probably one of the most impressive achievements of this game; however, is the fact that it allows you to see far off into the distance.

As for sound, this snowboarding video game features licensed music from a variety of bands including Blackalicious, Quarashi, Noise Therapy and others. You can also put your own music tracks to the Xbox drive and use those in the game as well. Solid sound effects are another advantage including wind sounds at high wind speeds, dogs growling and more.

If you're looking for a highly competitive snowboarding video game with excellent visuals this is definitely a game worth considering.

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