Older Pregnancy - How Age Should Not Be A Factor When Trying To Conceive

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Older pregnancy has been a trend in modern society for women who are delaying having children until later in life. The reasons may vary, be it for personal reasons or career related. No matter if they are single, in a committed relationship or married the trend is right across the board.

It is a matter of fact that as a woman gets older her chances of conceiving reduce. The aim of this article is to assist women with tips and advice on improving their chances of getting pregnant. The fact that fertility decreases with age indicates that by the time a women reaches 40 that the chance of her conceiving naturally and carrying a healthy baby to term is around 10%. These are the facts. If a women is finding it difficult to conceive at 40, it is not her fault. It is just biology, however this does not mean that she cannot become a mother.

Women who are trying to get pregnant over 40 often ask themselves "Why does fertility decrease with age?" The answer is simply down to eggs that they produce. As women get older so too do the eggs they produce. These older eggs have less fertile characteristics than the younger ones she had earlier in life. Therefore she has less chance of conceiving with these eggs.

If you are trying to conceive ensure you are tracking your menstrual cycle and are having intercourse regularly during your most fertile days of your cycle. There are many ways to check when you are most fertile, but if you are regular in your cycle, a calender is all you need. Ovulation usually happens around 14 days before the onset of bleeding. That is - day 14 of a 28 day cycle. So the woman's most fertile days are between days 9 and 17. She should increase her intercourse sessions during these days to increase her chances of conceiving.

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