Protecting Seats While Your Pup is In the Car

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If you have a pup, you will inevitably run into the situation where you need to take them somewhere. If you are not careful, your seats can get ripped up something fierce.

It is not uncommon to take your dog with you when you travel in your car. The dog can cause a great deal of trouble inside the car and can create an unsafe situation. The shedding hair and mud and dirt from his paws can ruin your seats and lower the value of your vehicle. The dog is not safe itself in case of an accident or sudden stop. The dog may jump over the back of the seat and distract the driver causing a potential dangerous situation.

There are a number of different products available to deal with these problems. Although there are no seat belt laws to protect the poor dogs, seat belts and restraints are available to secure the dog. They generally attach to the existing seat belts in the car and do not require any additional installation. There are several types of vehicle crates that both protect the pet and restrain it. There is even a net pet barrier that can be installed between the front and back seat to prevent the pet from jumping into the front seat and onto the driver.

The damage to your car and its value is prevented by covering your seats. When used in conjunction with a barrier, this keeps the dog, or other pet, in the back seat while the cover provides protection. Covers come in three basic sizes. The 48 inch width is for regular sedan type vehicles. The 54 inch and 60 inch covers are for minivans or sport utility vehicles. Other styles are available that protect cargo beds or fit into the back on hatchbacks.

The covers also come in a wide variety of materials, colors and designs. The important thing is that they are easily placed and just as easily removed. They can then be washed and stored until they are needed again. Any dirt or loose hair is removed from your car at once by this method, and the seats are protected. It may be necessary to use a restraint to keep the pet on the cover for it to be completely effective.

Covers vary in cost based on the material used, size and quality. You can expect to pay in the low twenties up to a hundred bucks or so. The best choice is really dependent upon how big your pet is.

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