What To Pack In An Emergency Disaster Kit

by Mariam Ma - Date: 2008-07-17 - Word Count: 443 Share This!

As it is often the unfortunate case, it takes a huge wake up call to get our act in gear. Things you know you should do, you don't as you think it is never going to happen. A case in point is emergency preparations for natural disasters. It is only after one strikes expectantly that we find fault in our municipal emergency preparations. Politicians and head directors make excuses and pass the blame to others and promise to overhaul contingency plans but by that time it's too late. During times of catastrophe, you must rely on yourself first and hold out until aid comes. Ultimately, it's your responsibility to be the first line of defense.

When one prepares an emergency disaster kit, you need to cover for injuries, shelter, water, lighting and communication. You also need to account for how many individuals you are packing for and calculate the amount of supplies you need.

Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) are an ideal food source. They come in lightweight packages and can sustain individuals for days. As for a water source, have immediate stored drinking water available. You will also need water filtration kits. When water is restored to the disaster area, it might be contaminated and that's when you need water purification tablets or water filter pumps.

Adding to the survival gear, a first aid kit is a must for immediate medical attention. Gas masks and filters should also be in the emergency disaster kit. Sleeping bags and thermal blankets will offer some comfort from the external elements. Pack extra batteries for flashlights and the radio. Light sticks are also good for providing lighting along with alerting others of your location. Packing a whistle for this purpose is also recommended.

When you have your emergency disaster kit prepared, have a talk with your family members. Inform them of where it is located and of its contents and how and when to use the supplies. Having this talk is a good preparation step but there's nothing like hands on training. Take your family on a camping trip and use the supplies first hand to teach them about survival training. In fact, it's always a good idea to review the expiry dates on the MREs and water supplies. By taking the family out yearly on this emergency preparation exercise, it will ensure that the food and water sources don't go to waste along with reinforcing the survival training. Just don't forget to restock!

Having an emergency disaster kit at home and knowing how to use it is a great feeling. You have just done your best to ensure the greatest chance of survival for yourself and your family.

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Mariam Ma is a freelance writer for Silverman Village, where you can find such emergency disaster preparation supplies as civilian MRE rations and personal camping water filter bottles.

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