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VOIP technology provides you control over your phone. If you rely on the telephone to stay in contact with people- whether they're family, friends, or business contacts- you may complain about the fact that telephone service in general is overpriced and balky. Now there's a solution in the form of VOIP technology. VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and just like the name implies, it's based on technology that converts voice conversations into data that can be sent back and forth over the Internet.

Now, you may be thinking how there could possibly be any advantage from transmitting phone conversations across the Internet. In reality though using the Internet to transmit conversations makes a lot of sense, because the Internet (practically|essentially|substantially} bypasses long distance charges. Just like you don't pay long distance charges whenever you request a web page from the other side of the world or send an email to the next state, phone conversations that are transmitted over the Internet using VOIP technology don't rack up long distance charges either. That means that, especially if you spend a lot of time on the phone, you can save some serious money by using VOIP technology.

There are indeed a number of companies that suggest VOIP services to anyone who has a broadband Internet connection. These companies typically charge a monthly fee- which is often a whole lot lower than your normal phone bill- and provide you with the ability to make local and long distance calls without paying anything extra. Most of the VOIP plans offered by these companies provide an unlimited number of minutes, but there are a few discount plans that give you five hundred minutes a month and then charge you extra if you go over.

In addition to free long distance calls, most of these companies offer an unbelievable amount of flexibility when it comes to how you're permited to use your telephone service in general. For example, Caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, conference calls, and voice mail come standard one most plans with most VOIP services.

In addition, you can often take even more control over how you use your phone service by blocking calls from specific numbers, blocking calls from any number that doesn't provide Caller ID data, and refusing to provide your own Caller ID data to numbers that you're calling.

It's also easy to add extra lines to your VOIP account, have them all transfered into the same handset, and assign different ring tones to each of them so that you can tell the difference between business calls, personal calls, or calls for different members of the family. You can even get phone numbers with area codes other than your own. This is a great option if most of your extended family still lives in the same area (but you've moved) or if most of your business contacts are concentrated in a given area. In either case, getting a number in a different area code makes it easier for people who want to contact you to do so without adding to their own phone bills.

Another degree of flexibility comes from the fact that most VOIP services make it unbelievably easy to have your calls forwarded to other numbers. For example, if you plan to be at your brother's house, you can have your phone calls automatically forwarded there. If you're expecting an important call from a family member, you can have calls to your home phone forwarded to your mobile phone so that you don't have to wait around the house for the call. Best of all, you can set and change all of these preferences from any computer by going to the website of your VOIP service.

These are just a few of the features and offers that make VOIP a service worth looking into. It is time to switch to Voice Over Internet Protocol (Voice Over IP). This is the end of your search. Start today!

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