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Posting our own pictures on the Internet may not be enough to bring in the popularity you want to have for your site. But instead of focusing too much on your own face, you might want to make your online page more interesting by positing puppy pictures on it.

Why Puppy Pictures?

We can never deny the fact that our dogs can be very cute when they put their minds into it. There are practically millions, or billions, of pet owners doting on their dogs all the time, and you are just one of them. Considering the number of people online who will be quite happy to see some cute, high-quality pictures of dogs on the Web, having some on your site will definitely result to a good reputation and a huge increase in terms of traffic.

Getting Started

But before you start turning your pets into stars by posting their photos on a Web site, you need to make sure that the ones you plan to upload are cute enough for your visitors to take an interest in.

You can get started by taking more pictures of your pet and add them on to your online gallery. Keep in mind that quality of the photos is an integral factor that will guarantee success. Even you don't want to see low-quality images of dogs on the Web. That would just be insulting to you and your beloved pet.

Get a high-quality camera that can take good shots of your dogs even while they are moving around. This is a must since our dogs are always on the move, making it hard for us to get good photos of them.

Edit Your Picture First Before Uploading

You might want to run your puppy or dog pictures on a photo-editing program before uploading it on the Internet. There are various factors involved that will affect its quality on the Web, not to mention the time it needs to load when it is opened on a Web browser. Here are some of the details that you might want to keep in mind:

- Raw images from your digital camera have a bigger file size compared to those taken by your Web camera. Since a Web browser will load the picture according to the Internet connection of an individual, you might want to reduce the file size of your puppy picture so your visitors can load it up on their screen without waiting too long for it.

- You might also want to reduce the size of your picture in terms of its height and width. In most cases, the lowest resolution of computer monitors today are 800x600, so you might want to upload pictures that are within this dimension to avoid scrolling up and down, or left and right, to see the whole thing.

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