Tropical Fish - A Beginners Guide

by Allen Jesson - Date: 2007-04-23 - Word Count: 493 Share This!

Owning tropical fish can provide you with immense enjoyment and can become a wonderful hobby that not only you but other will benefit from also.

Although most tropical fish can be relatively easy to care for it is important to educate yourself before buying tropical fish because without proper understanding of their needs your new hobby could become extremely expensive.

You will need to know and research how to set up an aquarium, understand the size you will need for the amount of fish you are hoping to keep. Also be aware of the sizes your fish will grow to as most tropical fish are not purchased at adult size.

By reading books and looking on the internet you will be able to find out what temperature the water in your aquarium needs to be and will know how to test the ph levels, water hardness and for any toxins.

Be aware of diseases, one of the most common tropical fish diseases is white spot, this is caused by a parasite called 'ick' or 'ich' you will know if this has affected you tropical fish as you will notice white spots on the fishes scales. White spot is a very irritating disease for tropical fish, if you notice your fish rubbing themselves against objects or plants this could be a sign of infection.

It is important to treat white spot immediately. It can kill tropical fish within a few days and will be spread to others in the tank. If one of your fish has been affected you will need to treat the entire tank.

It is important to clean your fish tank and all the stones and plants that are in it, you will need to change the water checking the ph levels as you do so.

To prevent white spot from affecting your fish you should always quarantine new fish for approximately 2 days. Maintain a high water quality and always provide your fish with a balanced diet.

You should never over feed your tropical fish, this can pollute the water and also harm you fish. Provide enough food for them to survive and grow healthily. You may find that different fish will eat different food so it is worth researching this aspect. Some fish are scavengers and are happy to feed off scraps and debris from the tank others will need a specific type of food.

If you are beginner it may be tempting to rush out and buy the best tank you can see and add all the colourful fish you can find however, without being armed with the right information and the correct knowledge about owning tropical fish your efforts could result in disaster.

Your local pet shop owner or aquarium shops will be happy to talk to you about any information or concerns you have about setting up and keeping an aquarium. By knowing all the facts you will be able to purchase an aquarium and tropical fish that will be an enjoyment and pleasure to keep.

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