Complex Issues, Comprehensive Solutions by Freelance Providers

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As business increases, customers are most certainly asking for their share of higher business value, better performance, profitability and shareholder value from service providers. Now its additional responsibility for the service providers to keep them in the right slot.
Today's trend customers from information technology outsourcing and business process outsourcing services are looking for more " business value" out of their outsourcing relationships with Service providers. One of the best ways of deriving more business value is to require bidders to present more complete and substantive value propositions during the Request For Proposal (RFP) and provider selection process.
Customers are demanding more business value in the providers statement of work requirements, service level agreements(SLA) and contract terms and conditions. However, they should also require service providers to prepare more formal, definitive and binding value propositions - which bring together in one separate section of their written proposals all of the value added services and benefits they will deliver.
Smart client should insist on getting better and more comparable information of value propositions from suppliers, so that they can distinguish among the bidders and determine which firms will deliver real value to their organizations. The issue here is that not many customers are even asking providers for their value propositions, which allows the bidders to be rather indiscipline about developing them. Very few suppliers have built robust value propositions. Most focus solely on cost savings in the pricing section or sprinkle in some benefits quire nonchalantly while answering hundreds of questions, while the real benefits get buried under voluminous proposal documents.
True benefits should go beyond cost benefits, including a wide range of economic, strategic, operational, technology, Human Resource and risk management benefits.
Lets us see how our tiny world of Offshore development team (Freelancers and Buyers) approaching this trend. Here every service provider would like to have his project to be completed within his budget to the highest quality and support. We can have continue to have the benefits in the next article.Till then post your comments and suggestions to to know more about our services please visit

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