Caribbean Cruises: A Taste of the Islands

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A Caribbean cruise provides you with the option of true relaxation, both with the slow pace it takes and the host of lavish facilities available on board the Cruise liners that have been designed to pander to your every need. In addition to being pampered aboard these luxury liners, there is also the opportunity to explore the virgin islands of the Caribbean and imbibe its rich culture while being surrounded by some of the best natural beauty this world has to offer.
Caribbean cruises come in a huge array of cruise packages with variations in destinations and pricings as well as duration of stay. You can choose almost any sort of duration as per your convenience ranging from a two day package if you just wish to sail off on the weekend or even one that involves over fourteen days of blissful sailing.
The Caribbean cruise liners make many stops during their travel at various Caribbean islands allowing you to truly experience the beauty of the Caribbean. The ports of call of course depend on the particular Caribbean cruise chosen as the routes through the vast territory vary.
Grenada is one of the ports of call and is known as the spice island, like most of the Caribbean islands it is lush with beauty and offers a number of secluded harbors to be enjoyed.
Guana Island on the eastern Caribbean is a beautiful place to relax with its soft sandy beaches and tropical waters. Snorkelling on Dominica can be an amazing activity, especially near the bubbling volcanic activity of Soufriere. The beautiful islands of St. Bart's, Antigua, St. Thomas, the French island of Guadeloupe, the Dutch island of Saba and many others are ports of call on various cruises. The Grand Cayman Island is one of the most popular stops in the western Caribbean as it is very popular because it has some of the best shopping in the Caribbean.

A Caribbean Cruise is a most spectacular way to explore the Caribbean and enjoy all it has to offer.

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