How To Keep Diabetes Under Control

by Ajeet Gautam - Date: 2010-05-27 - Word Count: 269 Share This!

Diabetes is one of the most dreaded and deadliest diseases afflicting mankind today. The biggest drawback with these disease is that there is still no permanent cure for it but the good thing is that if one is willing to change his lifestyle for the better this disease can be kept under control and one can lead a normal healthy life. In this article let us find out some of the things you can do to keep diabetes under control.

If you have diabetes you can suffer from other health complications like heart stroke, problem in the eye, nerve damage that can cause problems in your hands and feet. So it is very important to keep a check on your diabetes problem.

If you are suffering from diabetes you can no more afford to be a couch potato. Your fitness levels should be at their peak all the time. Make sure you do at least 30 to 45 minutes of physical activity daily; it will not only help in enhanced blood circulation but also help in insulin reactivity.

Loose Weight
If you are overweight it is very important to loose that excess weight from your body as excess fat on the body makes insulin loose its efficiency levels.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and make sure your food contains a lot of fiber, less sugar, little salt and drink lots of water.

Natural Medicine
There are certain herbs in ayurveda which have been found to be very effective in controlling diabetes like salacia oblonga. You can take these herbs in pill or capsule form but do not solely depend on them to control your diabetes.

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