Bloc Party Tickets-bloc Party is Releasing a New Album Aug. 22!

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Ever since their single "Banquet" started circling alternative radio and became heavily trafficked on downloading sites in 2005, indie-rock fans have kept a close eye on Bloc Party. But no matter how up to date your tabs were on them, everyone was caught off guard when they suddenly announced on Aug. 18 that a much bandied about third album, Intimacy, was going to be available for download five days later. It was made available for download at a reduced price for the digital version of the album.

Singles like "Mercury" are sure to become 2008's version of "Banquet"-danceable post-punk with enough of an electro sheen to keep things on the edge. Expect Bloc Party tickets to be hard to get when they start touring in support of his fantastic record.

But while the announcement of the new album was a surprise, Bloc Party is just one of many bands challenging the conventional music distribution system. Numerous bands are experimenting with digital downloads. Here, along with Bloc Party, is a list of bands challenging the old ways.

Bloc Party: Let's start here. The album is half the price of the physical one-naturally, paying more gets you a better package, but there's plenty of people comfortable with a digital only copy that will spring for that.

Radiohead: Obvious. Radiohead released In Rainbows digitally last year, hoping to generate word-of-mouth online that would build and eventually translate into bigger sales of physical copies.

NIN: The same as Radiohead, The Slip was released online free, with expectations that hard-core fans will toss out money for the physical copies with artwork, liner notes and all, while less interested fans-or those more strapped for cash, like teens or college students-will generate buzz for the album online.

Girl Talk: The insta-parties that Gregg Gillis puts out are in hot demand-but does high demand and very high supply equal profit? Gillis released the album through Illegal Art, which basically means you donate what you feel the album is worth-or if you're more cynical, it's free. It was also released in its entirety on the Girl Talk Myspace. Gillis' response in interviews has been that some of the tracks he samples are current enough that it makes the album more "of the moment," and thus there's a priority to release it sooner rather than when a physical release is available.

David Byrne and Brian Eno: While not going as far as other bands like Radiohead, Byrne and Eno's first collaboration in 30 years is available streaming off their Web site. You can't save the mp3s, but you can enjoy the records tracks and get it in physical or downloadable form after you know what you're getting.

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