Term Assurance : Avail When Misfortune is Certain to Happen

by Darlene Kaitlin - Date: 2007-07-31 - Word Count: 314 Share This!

Risk and unpredictability are here in our life to linger until we die. But, for some persons this uncertainties are not uncertain, as they are well aware of the tragedy which is to happen in future. suppose, someone is suffering from serious disease, say cancer for example, and he is sure of his death to happen within 10 years. Thus, being a sensible human being, he will try his utmost to have such a financial condition, when he dies, his family don't suffer due to any financial shortage. To give them a helping hand, term assurance, is one of the best tool availing which assures your family great deal of compensation when you die.

The name 'assurance' and 'insurance' often confuse many of people in want of availing some sort of financial compensation facility. To give them a clear idea, insurance is for something which is not certain to happen, while assurance is for person who are sure to die after a fixed period. Term assurance pays your family a compensation amount only if you die within the term period. For example, if you have got an assurance of £150,000 for the period of 18 years, your family will be paid the amount only if you die within the fixed period (18 years).

There are various factors that affect the price upon which you buy the assurance. While you are availing the term assurance, keep in mind that more the risk of your dying is, more costly the assurance will be. If you are having cancer, and passing through the critical phase, you will need to pay more to buy the assurance than what you would pay if you suffer through diabetes. Likewise, the cost of the assurance will depend upon the duration of the term. If the term is shorter, there is possibility that you will get the assurance at cheap rate.

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