FlippingBook Flash Component

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FlippingBook Flash Component

This product is an extension for the Flash development environment. Even novice Flash users who are not familiar with ActionScript programming can create books with a 3D flipping effect. All you need to do is drag the component from the Components panel and drop it in your video, and then customize it. In most cases you will only need to specify the filenames of book pages and set the size.

You can create books of any sizes and proportions. Changing the book size is as simple as setting the size of vector objects in a Flash environment. You can even turn the book to any angle. A single FLA file can contain several books.

You can create pages from both simple images (JPEG, PNG and GIF files) and fully dynamic SWF videos and library symbols. SWF pages can contain elements of any media supported by the Flash Player, such as videos, sounds, animation, buttons, and text.

The component offers truly broad customization possibilities. You can fully control the flipping speed, intensity of shading and interactivity parameters (such as the touch-sensitive area in the page corners). Pages can load one at a time depending on the current page you are viewing. A full preload mode is also available. You can customize your book in one of the three ways: using the Parameters panel of the component, via the XML file, or using ActionScript commands.

You can use Flash to publish your book as an EXE or HQX file that can then be burned onto a CD or DVD or sent by email.

Flash users who have at least a basic knowledge of ActionScript programming have an additional level of control over the books they create. Using simple ActionScript commands, you can create menus for the book and navigation panel, print pages, create custom header pages, and embed HTML links in pages. You can also embed videos, sounds and animations in the book pages. The component has a robust and flexible API comprising dozens of methods, properties and events.

We supply the product with a detailed 60-page user manual and a set of demo FLA files that illustrate the procedure of using the component for various tasks (for example, the procedure of printing current book pages or creating a header page with ActionScript). Registered users also have access to the source files of our online sample, enabling them to explore all the key features based on the example of a professional Flash application (on demand).

The component supports the following Flash development environments: Flash MX, Flash MX 2004, Flash 8, Flash CS3 (in ActionScript 2.0 projects). The component is available for both Windows and Mac versions of Flash.

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