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While you may be excused for being confused while making your choice of furniture, your friends are not likely to be so kind in their comments when you finally pick up a piece just because you got sick of all the choices. Neither are your children going to spare your furniture just because you spent a packet buying it. It is best to make an informed choice to decide what works best for you.

From the traditional Amish made furniture to the modern factory made smooth finish set, from the classic carved Victorian piece to the atypical non-geometrical design, from a wide variety in the choice of material and colors, you name it and you have it. Think hard before you decide.

Here's a guide to choosing the best material for your needs.

Wood has further multiple choices like natural teak wood, pine wood, rosewood and artificial wood laminates. The difference in the original woods is mainly in the texture and grain and you would do well to have a look at what appeals to you. Teak and rosewoods are the more durable and expensive of the lot. Rosewood Amish furniture can last for years, and still look as good as new, so your money would be well spent.

Wood laminates offer a cheaper version with a modern look, but are handicapped with a short life span. If you intend moving soon to another city, however, it could well fit in with your plans as a cheap, smart alternative.

If you want a more contemporary look, metal may work for you. The choice varies from wrought iron to sheet metal to cast iron pipes. A good wrought iron set has the advantage of being sturdy and long lasting. Be aware, however, that the items tend to look a bit dated with time, and it may then be time for you to move on to your next set of sheet metal.

Made of pressed sheet, this is again long lasting, though it may not be able to withstand boisterous children as well as wrought iron would.

Galvanized cast iron pipes are good for strong, light furniture, generally made in combination with a cloth or a nylon mesh.

If you opt for plastic, be ready for a large variety of cheap and durable, yet limited life furniture. Being a very versatile material, plastic can offer you variety like no other. Beware of cheap quality stuff, however, wherein you run the risk of items that may crack, get scratched, fade, or simply break after a while.

Glass is yet another versatile material that will give your dining furniture that modern, special look. While an exclusive couple may like to go for the full molded glass pieces, but a combination of wood and glass may work wonders for those with small children. Try Amish dining furniture with a touch of modernity thrown in - ask your dealer to fit in a glass top on a wooden base to have the right mix of class and strength. Make sure, however, that the glass is 8mm to 12mm thick to be of adequate strength.

A word of caution in the end. Having made your decision, do not worry yourself sick thereafter. There will always be that better looking piece or a similar item available at a sale barely a few weeks after you purchased yours. Don't get tense - be confident that you bought the best piece at the best price available at the time of your decision - or else you wouldn't have bought it, would you?

The author has just redone her home using Amish handcrafted furniture. She bought from wholesale Amish furniture dealers who gave better prices. Amish Oak furniture lends a regal look to the home.

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