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No Heroics for Bertuzzi as Canucks Shutout Ducks

The Canucks Hockey Blog recaps Vancouver’s triumph over the Ducks last night, 4-0. After all the talk about Bertuzzi coming back to GM Place, “he didn't exactly conquer.” For the first period, the Ducks were good. They didn't give the Canucks a lot of chances… [and] outshot the good guys in blue by a 15-5 margin, but thanks to Roberto Luongo's goaltending, didn't have anything to show for it.” But after the first period, the Canucks came back and “outshot the Ducks 28-11 the rest of the way.”

The blogger says in his post that Anaheim “imploded.” They tried bully tactics, but couldn’t get” anything past the referees.” There were Ducks in the penalty box for a good eight minutes between the second and third periods. In 12 total minutes of [Canucks] powerplay time, they scored two powerplay goals. Louie really was the hero of the game, stopping all 26 Anaheim shots for two straight shutouts. “He hasn't let a goal in since early in the third period of the St. Louis game - a span of more than 135 minutes.”

2010 Olympic Mascots Don’t Suck!

VANOC has revealed its 2010 Olympic mascots and opinions in the blog-o-sphere are varied. Jeffrey Simpson over at Metroblogging Vancouver says in a recent post that the mascots are “shockingly good,” but this may be a “case of lowered expectations.” Simpson reminds us that Olympic mascots “don't exactly have a history of being memorable, interesting or anything more than a way of selling some t-shirts.” He asserts that these ones are “actually pretty cute.”

Simpson reasons in his post that the mascots are “kid friendly and… Vancouver specific, as opposed to say a giant spring or squiggle.” Using the descriptions from the CBC, the mascots are listed as Miga, a mythical First Nations sea bear, Quatchi, a "young sasquatch who comes from the mysterious forests of Canada," and Sumi, an animal-guardian Thunderbird spirit that wears the hat of an orca. “Sumi will be the mascot of the Paralympics.”

Langley Council Out of Touch

According to the Langley Free Press, The city Councillors are completely disconnected. The council “approved the sale of ¾ of an acre of land close to the Salmon River for $12,500 to one of the neighbours next to this land… after hearing a delegation from another neighbour… who offered to pay Council $25,000” for said land. When the 2nd neighbor was question, he said he had not been offered the chance to buy the land, but he would. He even offered to bring his checkbook to the meeting.

The blogger was stymied by the fact that “Mayor Alberts staunchly opposed this idea and the rest of the ‘Jeniuses’ on Council followed his lead.” In the post, the writer reminds us that “the average property assessment value around there – [is] something like $750,000 per acre” and, meanwhile, the “Township is busy buying property in Willoughby for parks” at close to $1 million per acre. Be prepared for another tax increase, the blogger warns.

Finnish Style Comes to Vancouver

Stylefinds, a “shopaholic’s guide to Vancouver,” announces an “exciting new retail therapy.” Just recently, Yaletown’s Marimekko concept store became the first location in Canada “to sell the Finnish design house's boldly coloured clothing, linens, fabrics and accessories exclusively.” Marimekko was founded in 1951 by Armi and Viljo Ratia.
The store’s founders worked “with up and coming artists to design interesting and colourful fabrics” that would be used in their clothing and houseware creations. The company is “going strong and has locations in Asia, North and South America, Europe and Australia.” In the post, the blogger encourages us to make it a definite stop on our holiday shopping circuit.

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