Domain Name Service - Inevitable heart of Internet

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DNS which is known as the Domain Name Service or the Domain Name System has been very essential Had it been not invented, today we would have had a great difficulty in making use of the internet. Only if our brains would have been like a computer, the there would have been a chance to remember the domain names which would be flooded with a flurry of numbers. The internet IP address which is of thirty two bits encodes 4,294,967,296 possibilities. So for humans, it is more than difficult to remember these many numbers. How could we have built a catalog of these many numbers? Even if we would have build, then too it would have been difficult to remember these many numbers.

This problem has been solved with the help of hierarchy of simple mnemonic names which are known as domain names. So, you need to remember instead of and troubling yourself. Some people have this misconception that the dots which are visible in the domain name correspond with the dots in the IP address. It is extremely false as that is not the case. The three dots in IP address liberate the four bytes whereas the dots in the domain name are for variable number of periods. RC 1034 and RFC 1035 provide the significant DNS documentation. Domain name serve also plays an extremely crucial role in the Internet mail delivery. It is a kind of phone book. The networking hardware or equipment requires IP addresses for the delivery of the information or requests. So domain name serve helps to translate the human understood domain name or host name in to networks understood IP addresses. A list of mail exchange servers that accept e-mail for a given domain is also stored by the domain name service. It is an important component of contemporary internet use in offering world wide keyboard based redirection service. In terms of uses, its most basic use is to convert host addresses to IP addresses. In its broadest sense, it's like a phone book.

Let's take an example. Let's say you want to be aware of the IP address of So, domain name Service can be made use to tell you that it is 666.230.200.100. It has also other plenty of uses. It also is made use of letting the human organizations be aware of the various destinations of the internet. Domain name space comprises of a tree with full of domain names. Also, the node or the leaf of the tree comprised of various resource records. Resource records have the information linked with the domain name. It is further sub divided in to zones which has information associated with nodes. Just shortly after TCP/IP was deployed, Domain Name Service was invented. In its broadest sense, it was invented in 1983. In most of the operating systems, a host file still exists Some say its either by default or by configuration. It lets the user view the IP Address of that particular site in which they have logged in. The great man who invented this Domain Name Service is Paul Mockapetris. He invented at the request of another great man Jon Postel. He wrote the first implementation in 1983. RFC 882 and RFC 883 have the first specifications. So, to say in all, DNS is the inevitable heart of all internet applications.

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