Burn That Fat - 3 Bad Diet Mistakes - Are You Making Them?

by Jim Keayes - Date: 2008-06-12 - Word Count: 614 Share This!

Having trouble burning off that fat... falling off your diet plan again and again?

Everyone everywhere is making diet mistakes every day. And they're all pretty similar. Not the little slips where you gulp down a plate of ice cream in a moment of weakness... we can deal with those. But the mistakes that cause your diet plan to fail... these are the dangerous ones.

1. The "Stick to the Plan - No Compromises" Attitude

It seems once again "it's all in your attitude".

You pick out a complicated diet that is almost impossible to maintain. Before you start you purge your kitchen of any items that aren't on the program. You plan to be the ace dieter... but in a few days or a week or two it just seems so darn hard and so fun.

And then what? You quit... and you feel like a loser... again! And you go out and buy all that "bad" food you've been craving that you threw out last week.

The way forward is to make small changes to what you eat so that you have a slow but steady weight loss.

Here's the question to ask yourself: "Am I really serious about permanent weight loss or is it just a nice daydream?"

2. The Attitude of Sacrifice

This is a really big one!

You attitude is: "I'm on this diet for a month - I'll lose 10 pounds and then it's back to eating the way I enjoy".

Well... you're not alone on this one. We all do it. Why? Because overeating is an addiction and its obsessive compulsive, so overcoming the craving is a real challenge.

This is probably the biggest danger of all. If you don't first get that craving under control then you are doomed to failure.

It is better to include a little of everything in your diet and learn to enjoy it in small quantities. Yes, even chocolate... as long as it's low sugar dark chocolate!

3. Failing to Achieve your goal.

If you fail at your goal it may not seem like much. After all... you've done it before... right? But every time we fail we create another burden of shame to lug around. And like most people we just stuff them is a hidden place and ignore them. But they eat away at us.

Every goal failure sets us up for another one until we change our way of setting up our goals.

It's critical to set achievable goals. Think them out and write them down. Ask yourself this question: "Am I absolutely certain I can achieve this goal?" If you're not certain then the goal is too big.

Most people set their goals the wrong way!

The smart way to set achievable goals is to create a goal that is an action that you have total control over. Setting a goal to lose two pounds in two weeks is not a goal you can control. So you set yourself up to lose.

Make the plan of losing two pounds in two weeks your "intention" not your "goal" and then set up an action plan to achieve it.

Here's a goal that you can control: "I'll drink two glasses of water today" or "I won't eat bread for the next hour".

You see the difference? You have no control whatever over how much weight you can lose in what time, but for short periods you can control what you eat!

The best solution of course is to find a way to lose weight quite rapidly without needing to struggle with hunger all the time. All you need to do is to get control of the carbohydrate craving and eliminate it quickly. Then your goals are not such a struggle.

If you would like to know how to make this happen then I can help.

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