Ebay Can Ruin You

by Sara Boxall - Date: 2007-01-31 - Word Count: 316 Share This!

There is a time in your life where you have to experience Ebay sometime or another. I started 2 years ago. I sold my motorbike and bought some stock. Great where to sell it? I know the biggest market place there is "Ebay". Off I went listing as many items as I could, and started making a profit with the latest gimmick "Bluetooth". Things were going well with the money rolling in with a tidy profit. I was compelled with Ebay answering emails very quickly and sending items off all day. Then one day somebody bought a bluetooth headset off us and asked me to sell their products in a dropshipping basis. What's dropshipping I asked, they said, "sell our products and we will ship them for you". What a great idea they hold the stock and I push some buttons. What happened next was amazing money came rolling in. Money was growing in my pay pal account but so were the fees.

After months of selling really well I went on holiday. When I came back disaster struck! I checked my paypal account and there was nothing left and my ebay fees were 5 thousand pounds. I was ruined, so what could I do? I hadn't realized that I was not making any profit and that the percentage of items sold compared to what had not was about 20%. I had been carried away and not thought about what I hadn't sold, only what I had.

So in the end I had to borrow £5k to get my self out of the mess. Moral of the story Ebay always wins. I think to myself how many people are there out there playing the game with Ebay and falling into their trap. They will be going along with the excitement and not realizing that they aren't making any money. No body ever wins the game apart from Ebay.

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