Colon Cleanse your Way to Health

by Matt Tamor - Date: 2006-11-27 - Word Count: 288 Share This!

The health & wellness arena has been a popular subject in recent years. Perhaps because of the growing problem of obesity, many people have been taking personal responsibility for their own wellness. Many natural heath professionals advise that colon cleansing is the first step to wellness.

Those squeamish like me don't like to think about our colon and bowels. One of those nasty things that is disgusting to say the least. Yet with all the talk of cleansing your way to good health, this subject deserves a serious eye.

While conducting some online research, I was surprised to discover the wealth of information on the subject of colon cleansing. Many unbiased sources speak highly of the vitures of a clean colon. We should take notice.

Fecal matter often remains on the walls of the intestines. (Even that last sentence makes me cringe, but this information needs to be discussed.) The fecal remains draw parasites of all kinds. Those not averaging one bowel movement a day are more at risk. But even with a daily bowel movement, these parasites can build up.

Parasites in your bowels are obviously harmful to your body and form the foundation of many health problems. Just imagine what happens to rotting food in your garbage can and you'll get an idea of the seriousness of fecal matter that remains for a lengthy period of time in your bowels.

Health professionals advise that a complete colon cleanse should be conducted yearly if not seasonal. A number of diets and products may be used in the colon cleansing procedure. A few involve fasting, and most involve the intake of one or more natural products. Depending upon the process used, it can take a week to a month to complete your colon cleanse.

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