What To Know About A Paintball Gun

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Whether you want to play paintball yourself or your son or daughter wants to get in on one of the most popular action games these days, you might want to know a little bit about a paintball gun.

But first, the basics. Paintball is a sport in which teams of player try to eliminate their opponents by shooting, to keep it simple, paintballs, at their opponents.

That said, there are a few things you should know about the gun, the first of which it's not really a 'gun' in the typical sense of the word, but a piece of equipment that's designed to propel the paint balls toward their intended target.

When used with a high-pressure propulsion tank, It can shoot a paintball filled with paint dye around three hundred feet per second. Industry standards, coupled with the design of a gun, don't allow for anything faster. It may serve to alleviate worries to know that most professional paintball facilities and game field owners lower that speed or velocity to about two hundred eighty feet a second, just to be on the safe side.

To insure safety while active play is not engaged, a paintball gun is now required to come with a 'sock' or barrel blocking device that will catch any accidentally discharged paintballs, and most new manufacturers install a safety catch on their models.

There are different designs and models and each is determined by need. Players take different field positions, and each of these positions may require a different kind of paintball gun. For example, there are three major field positions; the front player, mid-range player and the rear player.

For those playing a front or advance position, many players prefer a paintball gun that is more accurate and fast. Weight is also a factor in choosing the right kind of device for this position, as is the speed of the air propulsion system. Many models allow for an air tank to be mounted on the gun, but for front field players, a tank worn on a harness, enabled with an air hose, allows for greater speed and mobility.

For players who choose to play the middle of the field, a high-pressure system is preferred for greater distance.

For those players choosing a rear field position, a stream of paint or dye, almost like an old-fashioned flame thrower-type gun is preferred.

Before purchasing a paintball gun, it might be wise to rent one at the paintball facility until you decide which position you're most likely apt to play on a regular basis. Renting is a very good option for new players and most paintball facilities will rent a one for a nominal fee.

If you're looking to buy, be prepared to spend anywhere from $100 to $300 for most typical models. A top of the line model can cost up to a thousand dollars, but for most players, the lower price range paintball gun is more than adequate for most playing needs.

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