Signs Of A Cheating Partner

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You may be thinking, "my lover would never cheat, we have the greatest relationship". Well while you may think that is true your partner may not. We are going to help you with some signs that may indicate your partner is cheating.

One sign of a cheating partner may be a loss or lack of sex drive. Unless you know of any additional stresses from work or family related issues then it could be a sign; well at least sign that he is no longer interested in sex with you. A good way to figure that out is by simply test him. One night make his favorite dinner, rent his favorite movie, and then entice him to the bedroom with a favorite outfit. If he declines or doesn't seem interested then there is a strong chance that he may be cheating.

Another way to figure out if your partner is cheating is if they become defensive. Most people who cheat feel bad, but instead of being extra nice to, they turn aggressive and defensive. If you notice a change in their behavior in a short period of time then it may be a sign of a cheating partner.

If your partner is never around anymore and seems to always come up with excuses such as overtime, which they have never worked before, or if he/she frequently takes spontaneous business trips - there may be something going on.

Is your partner on the computer late at night? Do they receive calls on their cell phone and then leave the room to talk? In the past, receiving excessive phone hang ups was a sure sign of a cheating partner. Today, men and women are smarter; they use their cell phones and/or computers to facilitate their cheating. If you share a cell phone bill with your partner, take a quick glance at the incoming calls. Are there any numbers that you don't recognize? How often do they call those numbers? If you're really curious, why not try calling the number and see who answers it.

The following examples aren't exhaustive by any means, nor are they sure fire signs of a cheating partner. Be careful about how you approach your partner if you suspect something - they may just be stressed out or have to work late, and you don't want to jeopardize your relationship over a whim.

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