What To Avoid In Writing Your Personal Statement Medical School

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As one of the most important requirements for med school admissions, your personal statement medical school should be intriguing, neat, and convincing. To make it interesting, it should reflect your well rounded personality. This means that you have to include your extra-curricular activities. Aside from this, you also have to write about the experiences that make you a better person. You can read sample essays online to get ideas on how to weave interesting information about you in order for you to write a personal statement medical school that would ensure your slot in a med school. Aside from the information that you should include, you should also know what to exclude or avoid in your personal statement medical school.
Don't include information you have written in your resume

Your personal statement is your chance to introduce yourself to people who have no single idea of who you are and who have no interest in you except to see you as one of the prospective med students. This is why, you should make your essay interesting and unique. One way to do this is by excluding information that could also be found on your resume. You have to keep in mind that the admission essay should not be too long. The personal statement should only include experiences, goals, and expectations that you think relevant to why you are applying to med school.

Don't write about the ideal you

Although it is important that you put yourself in a positive light when writing your admission essay, make sure that it is still you whom you are writing about. It is not bad if you also include shortcomings on your essay. This would actually make you appear honest and very much human in the eyes of the admissions officers. If you write about the mistakes and shortcomings you have committed in the past, just make sure that you also include your efforts to avoid the same mistakes again. You can also highlight the lessons you have learned from these mistakes. These would give an impression that you are a mature and avid student of life.

Don't get too witty and opinionated

It would be impressive if you have written a personal statement that makes you seem intelligent. If you attempt to make one, just do not overdo it. When you do this, you may come off as trying hard to impress the admissions officers.

Do not raise controversial issues

You can include anything under the sun in your admission essay, as long as it is relevant to your application. However, it is best to avoid writing about some topics that could raise controversy. These topics include religion and politics.

So before you write your admission essay for med school, you should not only think about what you have to include. You also have to remember the things that you should avoid. Try not to overdo everything, but be honest and persuasive. In this way, you can make a well crafted essay that can be a sure ticket to med school.

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