How can we trust our security software?

by Raymond Johansen - Date: 2007-03-18 - Word Count: 429 Share This!

Most security software developers out there claim to have the best solution, and that their system will give you a trouble free internet experience. This is very far from the thruth. Infact no software out there deals with every malware(viruses,spyware,adware..) that exists. This is things that evolve very quickly, and new ones in dozens are created and spread online every single day. It takes a huge effort to update anti-software sollutions to be able to deal with all the latest threats in every category.

Very many internet users also tend to trust the large and respected companies such as Symantec(The creator of Norton) and other big ones. Well, this is ofcourse something that is normal in the everyday life. You like to know that the doctor that is going to do a surgical proceedure on you has done a few proceedures in his life or else you wouldn't be able to trust him, right?In this industri on the other hand, it seems that this could be the opposite. People who develop spyware and viruses are interested in harming most people and systems possible, and then the logical thing to do is create a "parasite" that breaks through the most used security systems such as Norton. This is why we have tested Norton Internet security's integrated anti spyware function versus other systems that are primarily created to deal with spyware. The results are devastating. Norton is by far the best anti spyware killer. Infact in my eyes one of the worst ones. But their firewall is working great though.

So how can you be comfortable with the security software you have? My opinion is that you test it for yourself. Find out what is working for you and what you need to be better. I am personally most bothered with the anti spyware removal software. This makes sense because this is the kind of threats that evolves most quickly. And the reason to that is money. Big money. Huge efforts are laid in the creation of spyware. They spy on your actions on the net to be able to target you with ads and popups. When your system is so infected by spyware that the different spywares are competing with eachother for the available resources, the result will be a slow computer. has recently tested a free spyware removal software. It is really a great tool. It includes a registry fixer, and a complete anti virus solution. All in one package. And it is free. Read more about it on our website as described below.

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