Should I Believe In Life After Death?

by Keith Ward - Date: 2009-09-29 - Word Count: 500 Share This!

This is a question that has been asked many times and everyone has a different answer. The belief in reincarnation has existed for centuries. From the early Egyptians and the Babylonians came the belief that a soul could pass to another body either at the person's death or soon thereafter. If this is true it could explain why some people can remember events that seem as if they were happening to them but not as the person they are now.

When taking into consideration the Egyptians believed there is life after death, they buried their dead with food and clothing that they believed would be of use to them in the afterlife. Because their belief was that the soul moved from body to body, they embalmed the bodies so they would be preserved for the journey. They believed a force called ka travelled with the body.

Whether you should believe in life after death or not, it is a matter of very deep, personal belief. Much of this would be due to the teachings you have been instilled with during your early years as a child and this influence may be from your parents. If they believe in life after death and have shared their beliefs when you were in your formative years, there is likely the chance that you believe as they do. However, there is also the likelihood that you have formed your own opinion.

Many people try to justify their beliefs with scientific data. There have been many cases when people were hypnotized and could recall living before as someone else. There have also been many who could speak languages they had no way of knowing. There have been well known people who believed they had lived before. One example is Glenn Ford, a famous Hollywood actor. He believed he had been a French soldier, among other people. He knew only a very small amount of French, yet under hypnosis he spoke fluent French. Recordings of his speech under hypnosis were sent to UCLA and discovered the French he was speaking was Parisian from the era in which he said he had been a soldier.

This also raises a question if you believe in the teachings of the Bible. The number mentioned is 144,000 that are to enter the kingdom of Heaven. There have already been far more living human beings on the face of the earth than this amount. So, who is to say that reincarnation is not the answer for this quandary? This would explain the teachings of the Bible and the question of why only 144,000 are mentioned.

When it comes to the question of life after death, there are many beliefs and there are many facts that point to the existence of life after death. On the other hand there are scientific explanations that may disprove these facts. All you can do is make your own decision based on the facts that are available as to whether life after death is something in which you choose to believe.

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